Friday, February 28, 2014

Chris Jordan

Chris’s work is unique in that the idea is not to create some stunning landscape or beautiful portrait. No he creates photographs out of the objects, sometimes garbage that illustrates a large complex number. Chris’s website, Chris Jordan Running the Numbers: An American Self-Portrait shows his latest works followed by facts about the subject of each photograph. In one he has letter blocks that explains how important education is. Once you click on the image it zooms out to reveal that each block is made of many blocks to eventually illustrate what 1.2 million children that drops out of school each year looks like. And that is his point.

Chris explained in an interview with Chase Jarvis, that someone can tell you that 1 million cups are used every 6 hours on American airway each day but do you really understand what 1 million looks like? That is what Chris has set out to show us. We hear big number but we don’t know how to comprehend it.  And most of the subjects and numbers that he creates in to art are, unlike his images, disturbing.

On project photography the dyeing and dead birds full of plastic on Midway Island Chris moved from the realm of stills to moving picture. Again listing to his interview I felt that the subject matter was so compelling those photographs were not enough to convey this story. With donations he started to create this documentary that shows the beauty and grief of these birds on to the big screen. At last news update Chris was showed the film last April. Any further news of the film I will be sure to bring it up.

What attracts me to Chris’s work is the fact he is able to create his large panel art using a photo repeatedly to show you what a statically large number looks like. I have never see one in person but I would image, like Chuck Close’s work that the majority of people walk up close to see the finder detail. Chris, at least to me, motivates me to look at my life and how I impact all that is around me. Overall Chris shows the unintended consequences of our actions and that is very appealing to me. I also feel that need to show the unintended consequence of those around my little world.

But don’t just read my words about Chris please follow the links and watch his interviews and talks about his passion. I hope you find it both educational and motivating to you