Monday, June 4, 2012

Bird Feeder

Well today I created my flat bed bird feeder that has a perch just above it. To complete the feeder it only took about an hour and I think it will last a few seasons. I made it out of partial board and a tree branch for the perch. Simple and hopefully effective in attracting birds for the better shot of them on a branch.

Here is the set up; I have filled the bird feeder with whatever I am trying to attract, black seed, meal worms, fruit and so on. I then set up the camera on a tripod with the focus and exposure locked. I then bow out of the scene and let the birds come to the feeder. As they feed some are bound to use the perch to eat and wait for the next round and when they do, I trip the camera with the remote and take the photo..

Sound great on paper it will be another in practice right? I am anticipating the camera potentially spooking them or the shutter sound, exposures either too dark or light, So I will be experimenting with camouflage and using the P setting (I hate the P setting). I am also considering creating a blind in front of the feeder to take full control of the camera but will see.

My next step is to fill the bird feeder and see how they like it. If that goes well then add the tripod to the scene then everything. This could take a few weeks to get to the first photo or it could take a couple of days who knows.

Keep you posted on what is working and what is not along with photos.

The other thing I have been working on is my second round of photos to get in to the unnamed micro stock company. The first round was kind of a kick in the gut and took my time to reflect on what they said. I also had to clean out the basement and create a studio spot. You would think getting photos in a stock place wouldn’t be that hard, but it is. Not impossible but it is hard. And that is probably a good thing because there is a lot of crap out there and to be honest some people do not know the difference.

Most of my problem was focus or placement so in the past few months I have read book about design, taken photos, and really worked on my issues. I am by no means cured of all my ills but I think I am recovering each day. I have a few photos I am enamored with and even printed one as a 5x7 of one, the lily, but still striving for more. So far I have 4 out 10 photographs shot. The bird photos are one photograph on the list of stock photos I want to send along with the bike, lab stuff and so on.

If you want to see what I have done just jump on this link and check out the photos. There is a few photos but not all of them.