Thursday, September 13, 2012

The Photo Walk

Photo Walk; an event in which the participants are on a predetermined route and photographing anything that strikes their fancy. The purpose of this walk is two fold. First to offer an event that will hopefully challenges the individual to think about the photographic process in a new way. The second is to get a lot of photographers together to share ideas, photos, food, drink and a good time in one place. If this sounds like a great way to spend a fall afternoon then I have an event for you.

On October 13th I have created a Photo Walk that I believe will not only be fun but challenging to the average photographer. We will start at Green Square Park and move west towards the river and south ending up at Parlor City Pub. All that is on that route is what we are photographing.

I created this event to challenge you and offer an opportunity to explore new ways of photographing all that is around you. On the whole the route may not look like it offers much to photograph, but that is the challenge. There is a lot to shoot, you just have to be creative in the way you shoot it. If you have see my Google Plus and Facebook page you will have seen some of what I had done recently along that route. These are only just a few of the many things to shoot and how you shoot it may be and will be different in the way I did.

Once we are done or 6 pm arrives we will gather at Parlor City for food, drink and conversation about the days event. At this time you can share the photographs taken or wait to finish them up and upload them to a flicker account for others to see.

This event is open to all levels of photographers in all stages of their photographic experience. I will be open to help along the way as well as your fellow photographers. This event is not a formal class so there is not a specific course agenda to follow, just the hope that you will expand your photographic mind. However I am planning to hold classes that cover subjects that anyone from a beginner to the advance photographer will enjoy. Class information will be forth coming soon stay in touch.

So, up for the challenge? Want to try something different? Want to just get out and hang out with people with the same interests? Then join us on Saturday Oct 13 at 2pm in Green Square Park and be ready to try something new.